Leadership Matters!
Novi Mayor Bob Gatt wins re-election in a landslide
The election is over, and the voters have spoken.

We OVERWHELMINGLY DEFEATED the opponent 66% to 31%. In political terms, that is a LANDSLIDE, a
altreal whooping!!

I can’t THANK YOU enough. I am honored, and truly humbled, that you are giving me the opportunity to serve you for another 2 years as YOUR MAYOR in the great city of Novi.

Honestly, I’m very tired, right now. It was a long, hard battle, which is why I really appreciate all your h
ard work and dedication toward getting me re-elected. Our opponent waged the most negative, divisive and ugly campaign EVER BEFORE in Novi history. It started in the early summer with a “push poll” that she paid for attempting to get people thinking negatively about me. And it didn’t stop right up through Election Day when my opponent questioned my morals in print.

She is on record as saying that she wants to turn Novi “Blue.” Well, if she continues campaigning like tha
t, she will give Novi a BLACK eye. She’s now lost 3 of her last 4 elections. Let’s keep THAT record going!

While I’m very happy for myself, I’m even happier for YOU – the citizens of Novi!
I’m delighted for YOU because this election was not about me. It was about the future of Novi – and keeping the momentum going for the greatest city in the state of Michigan.

Novi is all about growth…attracting new businesses and families…to enhance our diverse tax base…to
properly fund our schools…and to keep our tax-rates low. Our opponent wanted to halt that development, and stop Novi from growing. It never made make sense to me, and, clearly from the election results, it never made sense to you.

So, today’s a GREAT DAY for the City of Novi. I love this city, and I love all of you for allowing me to serve you for another 2 years.  Novi is, and will continue to be, the GREATEST CITY IN MICHIGAN, MAYBE THE WHOLE USA!!
Thank you for your constinued support.

Bob Gatt
Mayor, City of Novi