NOVI, MI - The November general election is more than seven months away, but that hasn’t stopped Community Leaders and Elected Officials from publicly endorsing Bob Gatt to serve as Novi’s Mayor for a fourth, 2-year term.

“I must say that I’m humbled – and honored – that so many high-ranking officials and community leaders have positively responded to my campaign,” Mayor Gatt said.

“I’m running on a platform of CREDIBILITY, STABILITY and INTEGRITY - CSI - and that message must be resonating with our distinguished public leaders. “I know we’re headed in the right direction,” Mayor Gatt added. “The future is bright for the City of Novi. I’m so proud to lead the vision and direction for our great City, and I’m thrilled to have such great support along the journey.”

Officials supporting Mayor Gatt represent a “WHO's WHO?” in Michigan Leadership. For example, Gatt has earned endorsements from:

1. Dave Trott, U.S. Congressman
2. Kathy Crawford, State Representative
3. Hugh Crawford, Oakland County Commissioner
4. L. Brooks Patterson, Oakland County Executive
5. Mike Bouchard, Oakland County Sherriff
6. Scott Olson, Editor,
7. David Landry, Former Novi Mayor
8. David Staudt, Novi Mayor Pro-Tem
9. Wayne Wrobel, Novi City Councilmember
10. Brian Burke, Novi City Councilmember
11. Doreen Poupard, Novi Library Trustee
12. Willy Mena, Novi Schools Secretary
13. Dennis O’Connor, Novi Schools Trustee

Mayor Gatt was first elected Mayor in November, 2011 after eight years of distinguished service on the Novi City Council. He earned an unprecedented 86-percent victory in 2013 when Novi voters re-elected him to a second term in office. It was one of the most impressive landslide victories in the history of Novi city elections. In 2015, Mayor Gatt won a hard fought battle for a third term by taking 69 percent of the vote. This year’s election is set for November 7, 2017.

Scott Olson, Editor of, has been a strong supporter of Mayor Gatt for more than 15 years.

“Bob Gatt is without a doubt the best person to again serve as Novi’s mayor,” Olson said. “He has the knowledge, experience and ability to keep Novi moving forward and to continue to make it the #1 city in the region.”

Kathy Crawford once served on the Novi City Council with Mayor Gatt, before she was elected to represent southwest Oakland County in Lansing.

“Mayor Bob Gatt has demonstrated great leadership during the past five years in office,” the State Representative said. “I find it interesting that other candidates have nothing specific to challenge Bob about because he knows how to get things done for Novi. People find that very refreshing.

“Bob has a great track record of managing the city in a financially prudent manner, while making sure that the social fabric of our great community remains sewn together,” Mrs. Crawford added. “Let’s help return him as Novi’s Mayor for another two years."

Commissioner Hugh Crawford has been a long-time colleague and advocate for Mayor Gatt.

“I have known and worked with Bob Gatt for more than 30 years,” Hugh Crawford said. “Bob always thinks about what’s best for Novi residents and businesses when he’s making difficult decisions. As Mayor, Bob has a record of running the City of Novi in an effective and efficient manner, putting the needs of taxpayers first. Bob deserves your vote for re-election. He is a great leader who loves Novi.”

Former Mayor David Landry, who served as Novi’s Mayor just before Mayor Gatt, always has admired Our Mayor’s dedication and love for Novi.

“Bob Gatt is one of the most dedicated public servants in the history of Novi. He simply never stops working for the best interests of the people and businesses of Novi,” Landry said. “We are lucky to have him as our Mayor.”

Doreen Poupard of Fox Run is a former Novi City Councilmember who now serves on the Novi Library Board. She admires Mayor Gatt’s leadership as the Chair for all City Council meetings.

“A vote for Mayor Gatt is a vote for Novi,” Poupard explained. “Mayor Gatt is a hard-working, knowledgeable man of integrity who has devoted his life in service to the City of Novi. It is my honor to endorse Mayor Bob Gatt for his re-election in 2017.”

Mayor Gatt is also the Manager of the Oakland County Animal Control Division, which oversees the Oakland Pet Adoption Center in Auburn Hills. Before joining Oakland County in 2002, Mayor Gatt served a distinguished 27-year career in the Novi Police Department. He still is known by many Novi residents as "Officer Bob."