NOVI, MI - Novi Mayor and long-time public servant Bob Gatt, well-known by all residents for his credibility, stability and integrity, on Saturday announced that he is seeking re-election for a fourth, 2-year term as Novi’s Mayor. Gatt has resoundingly won re-election to the City’s top post by overwhelming margins of 66% in 2015 and 86% in 2013.

“I truly enjoy being the Mayor of the greatest City in the State of Michigan,” said Mayor Gatt, who has been an institutional leader in the Novi Community for more than 40 years. “The State of the City of Novi is robust and strong, and I’m proud to be part of this great story. Not only do I get to serve the Novi Community, but I have the opportunity to work with some of the best people and business leaders I have ever met.

“I feel engaged, energetic, excited, optimistic and full of promise as I enter this year’s general election on November 7. I can’t wait to lead this great city and to serve Novi citizens for two more years.”

Major Gatt is proud and very optimistic about Novi’s future. And why shouldn’t he be? Under Mayor Gatt’s leadership:

• Crime is down
• Tax rates are lower
• Business development is booming
• Residential growth is thriving

These types of results define Mayor Gatt’s credibility, stability and integrity – three characteristics which help make the City of Novi a premier destination for families and businesses in the State of Michigan.

“We have overcome the economic challenges experienced a few years ago and have developed into an even more dynamic and prosperous community here in southwest Oakland County,” Mayor Gatt said. “I am more optimistic about the future of our Novi than ever before.”

It isn’t surprising when Gatt publicly speaks to residents about “OUR NOVI.” After all, Gatt has emerged as “OUR MAYOR.”

“I truly believe that a special relationship exists between me and our Novi citizens,” Mayor Gatt said. “I appreciate the confidence and tremendous support that Novi residents have given me over the years. We all share a common interest: Our love and concern for this great City called Novi.”

Mayor Gatt doesn’t consider himself a “politician,” and he spurns the political process. It’s hard enough to run for re-election every two years, so he doesn’t worry about it. Mayor Gatt just puts his head down, goes to work every day, and focuses on producing RESULTS for Novi residents.

For example, Novi’s new water storage facility opened last year and is saving taxpayers more than $3 million annually in water costs.

“The 1.5 million gallon structure at 12 Mile Road and West Park Drive helps reduce Novi water rates by allowing city staff to fill the reservoir at night when water is least expensive,” Mayor Gatt explained. “Then, we can discharge water during the day during Novi’s peak hours, which saves millions of dollars annually. It’s a great deal for Novi taxpayers.”

Mayor Gatt is an expert in the law enforcement industry. He has an impeccable 40-year record of KEEPING CITIZENS SAFE. No other candidate offers this type of background and public-service experience. Public safety remains Gatt’s top priority on the City Council.

“Over the years, I have protected Novi residents and Novi families. I have lowered your taxes. I have maintained city service levels – and added more public safety resources,” Mayor Gatt said. “Your City Council has been careful stewards of our finances, while maintaining quality services and operations. I have stayed focused by helping make Novi a better place to live for all of us.”

Mayor Gatt was first elected Mayor in November, 2011 after eight years of distinguished service on the Novi City Council. Gatt’s full-time position is the Manager of the Oakland County Animal Control Division which oversees the Oakland Pet Adoption Center in Auburn Hills. Before this position, he was the Chief of Field Operations for Oakland County’s Community Corrections Program. He held that position since 2002 before his promotion to the Animal Control Division in 2012.

Before joining Oakland County in 2002, Mayor Gatt served a distinguished 27-year career in the Novi Police Department. He still is known by many residents as "Officer Bob."

A Business Administration graduate of Wayne State University (B.S. 1972) and Eastern Michigan University (Masters 1997), Mayor Gatt developed a passion for public safety during his Novi Police career. He started the local Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) program in Novi Schools in 1988 when he served as a Police Detective. He also managed and operated the Crime Prevention Section within the department.

Mayor Gatt was raised in a modest Northwest Detroit home with one brother and two sisters. He attended St. Monica Grade School and St. Francis De Sales High School in Detroit.


• 2011 to present – Mayor, City of Novi
• 2008-2011 – Appointed, Novi’s Mayor Pro-Tem
• 2007 – Re-Elected, Novi City Council
• 2003 – Elected, Novi City Council, to his first of two, 4-year terms
• 2012 to present – Manager of the Oakland County Animal Control Division
• 2002-2012 – Chief of Field Operations for Oakland County’s Community Corrections Program
• 1975-2002 – Novi Police Department; promoted to Sergeant and Shift Commander in 1993 until retirement in 2002
• 1972-1975 – Marketing/Public Relations Official, Automotive Industry
• Master’s Degree in Liberal Studies (School of Technology), Eastern Michigan University
• Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration (Marketing and Accounting), Wayne State University