gatt accomplishmentsMayor Bob Gatt is seeking re-election for a sixth, 2-year term as Novi’s Mayor on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. Mayor Gatt proudly proclaims numerous Novi awards and accomplishments over the past 9 years.

Novi’s Economic Development soars in 2020

Novi had a great 2019-2020 on both the commercial and residential side of economic development.  

Novi’s Current Construction Projects (2020-2021)
1.    Chamberlin Crossing: East of Napier Rd, South of 9 Mile Rd: All lots sold; second to last home under construction.  
2.    Emerson Park: Novi Rd, South of Gen Mar: Ten Mile Rd boardwalk construction complete
3.    Suburban Collection Showplace: North of Grand River Ave., West of Taft Rd: TCO for entire addition issued. 
4.    Adell Site: Novi Rd and I-96
5.    Beacon Hill: North of 12 Mile Rd, East of Meadowbrook Rd. 
6.    Behavioral Care Solutions: 14 Mile, East of Haggerty Rd. 
7.    Bolingbroke: Novi Rd and Old Novi Rd. 
8.    Berkshire eSupply: M-5 and 14 Mile Rd: December 14th estimated completion
9.    Casa Loma: West of Beck Rd, South of 9 Mile Rd. 
10. Catholic Central Entrance: Wixom Rd, South of Grand River Ave: Work wrapping up.
11. Crate and Barrel: Twelve Oaks:
12. Daifuku Additional Building: Cabot Drive, North of 13 Mile Rd:
13. Dixon Meadows: North of 12 Mile, East of Dixon:
14. Driftwood Bar and Grill: East Lake Drive and 14 Mile Rd
15. Dunhill Residential Development: North of 8 Mile Rd, West of Beck Rd
16. Fox Run 4.2 Continuing Care Center Addition: 13 Mile Rd, West of M-5
17. Fox Run Residential Building 4.1: 13 Mile Rd, West of M-5
18. Gateway Village Phase 2: North of Grand River Ave., West of Meadowbrook Rd
19. Goddard School: West of Cabot, South of 13 Mile Rd
20. Hadley’s Towing: Grand River Ave, West of Beck
21. Heritage Woods: East of Taft Rd, South of 11 Mile Rd
22. Lakeview: Old Novi Rd and South Lake Drive
23. Lineage Parking Expansion: North of Magellan, West of West Park Drive
24. Montebello: North of 9 Mile Rd, West of Novi Rd
25. New American Funding: 13 Mile Rd, East of Meadowbrook Rd
26. Novi Senior Living: 12 Mile Rd, East of Novi Rd
27. Novi Tech Lots 6 and 7: Seeley Rd, North of Grand River Ave
28. Oberlin Residential Development: South of 11 Mile Rd, West of Beck Rd
29.Pet Suites: South of Grand River Ave., East of Beck Road.
30. Starkbucks Drive Thru: Novi Rd, North of West Oaks Drive

31. Terra (fka Villa D’Este): 9 Mile Rd and Garfield Rd
32. Thirteen Mile Sanitary Sewer Extension: (13 Mile, near East Lake Drive)
33. Total Wine: West of Haggerty Rd. and north of 8 Mile Rd.; buildout in former Office Max space
34Toyota Service Center: Northwest corner of Haggerty Rd and Regency Drive

35. Tru Hotel: 13 Mile Rd and M-5
36. Valencia South: South of 10 Mile Rd, West of Beck Rd
37. Villas at Stonebrook: Wixom Rd, North of 11 Mile Rd
38. Walled Lake Schools Early Childhood Development Center: Northwest corner of Haggerty Rd and Regency Dr.
39.  Woodbridge Park: Northeast Corner of Novi Rd and 9 Mile Rd

Public Safety is "Our Mayor's" top priority. For example:

Combating Crime and Improving Novi’s quality-of-life

Over the past 10 years the Novi Police Department has continued to drop the overall Part A Crime Rate from 2,245 incidents in 2005 to 1,675 incidents in 2015. This decrease in crime equates to a 12.6% decrease compared to the 10-year average.

In 2015, the City of Novi experienced its lowest levels of Larceny, Burglary, and Motor Vehicle Theft in the last 10 years. Since 2005:
  • Larceny incidents have decreased by 32.3% compared to the 10-year average;
  • Burglary incidents have decreased by 56% compared to the 10-year average;
  • Motor Vehicle Theft incidents have decreased by 23.6% compared to the 10-year average;
  • Additionally, Retail Fraud also was at its lowest levels (318) since 2011.
Novi Police Department Reduces Crime & Crashes

The Novi Police Department’s use of innovative analytics to help reduce traffic crashes.

Since its inception, the department has seen a reduction in targeted crimes (burglary, larceny and motor vehicle theft) and traffic crashes in DDACTS areas. Examples include:
  • Haggerty & Nine Mile: Targeted crimes down 72%, traffic stops increased by over 225%, more than 130 arrests made
  • Haggerty & Eight Mile: Traffic crashes reduced by 30%, more than 1,000 citizen contacts made, 800 hours spent actively patrolling
  • Beck & Pontiac Trail: Targeted crimes down 57%, over 170 individuals arrested, more than 16,300 miles and 1,700 hours dedicated to traffic enforcement.
  • Novi Road & I-96: Targeted crimes down 48%, traffic crashes reduced by 32%, more than 95 individuals arrested and over 940 citizen contacts made.
  • M5 & Thirteen Mile: Made over 350 contacts and dedicated more than 230 hours and 2,350 miles of proactive patrol in a few short months.
Reducing Water Costs for Taxpayers

In 2016, The Novi Department of Public Services’ Water & Sewer Division completed and opened a 1.5 million gallon water storage facility located at 12 Mile and West Park Drive. Now operational, the $3.5 million facility helps reduce Novi’s water rates by allowing staff to fill the reservoir at night when water is least expensive, and then discharge water during the day during Novi’s peak hours. That’s a savings of more than $3 million dollars in water costs annually for Novi taxpayers.

Positive Feedback from Residents and Businesses

Since 2006, Novi has partnered with the National Research Center to conduct the National Citizens Survey.  In 2014, survey results once again showed that Novi is a very desirable place to live with 95 percent of respondents ranking quality of life as excellent or good, and 98 percent said Novi was an excellent or good place to live.

Financial/Fiscal Accomplishments

The Novi City Council, under Mayor Gatt’s Leadership, continues to be careful stewards of your finances, while maintaining quality services and operations:

  • In 2014, net assets of $338 million not only remain strong, but grew by more than $4 million
  • Last year, there was a reduction in long-term debt by $4.7 million
  • The City increased funding of post-employment benefit costs to 101 percent
  • The City Council accomplished this, while maintaining one of the lowest millage rates in Oakland County
  • Novi is the ONLY City in the state who REDUCED taxes during the past few years. 
  • Overall revenue from taxable values is expected to grow in 2015 for the third year in a row; a trend which is projected to continue over the next several years.

Community Development Accomplishments

  • Implemented Clearzoning, a complete reformatting of the text and organization of the Zoning Ordinance for easier navigation, clarity and use by developers and customers
  • Performed more than 12,500 building inspections
  • Facilitated reviews and approvals for six new residential developments
  • Oversaw the permitting and construction of 149 new homes
  • Completed the Town Center Area Study for this key area of the city

Library Accomplishments

  • In 2014, the Novi Public Library introduced GALE Learning – an opportunity for residents to take FREE online courses for personal development and technology skills.
  • Two additional Read boxes were installed at Rotary and ITC Community Sports Parks

Parks & Recreation Accomplishments

  • For eight years, Novi has been honored with a Gold Promoting Active Communities Award from the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness –the ONLY city in the state of Michigan to do so.  Novi is recognized for its commitment to the overall health and well-being of our citizens and having schools and businesses in our community with similar values and a dedication to excellence. 
  • In 2014, the Novi Dog Park opened.  More than 225 members now can enjoy a park dedicated solely to them and their pets.
  • Ella Mae Power Park hosted softball players from around the Midwest:  48 teams from six states traveled to Novi for an Amateur Softball National Tournament
  • More than 20,000 volunteer hours were donated by coaches to ensure youth have the opportunity to participate in soccer, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, volleyball programs and more
  • In collaboration with our Novi Facilities Team, a new, “State of the Art” lobby was created at the Novi Ice Arena.
  • And, our Older Adults are more active than ever, demonstrated by sold out programs and an increased demand for transportation services.   More than 8,000 passengers were driven 91,000 miles.

Road and Trail Accomplishments

  • The Field Operations Division worked relentlessly during the historically severe winter which began in November 2013 and ended in April, 2014
  • Our Novi Field Operations Division members were able to keep Novi’s roads safe, as evidenced by a 50-percent reduction in vehicle accidents per winter storm event.  
  • The Engineering Division completed the Metro Connector Trail along Meadowbrook Road between 11 and 12 Mile Roads.   The Metro Connector Trail is the first non-motorized link across I-96 in Novi and serves as a critical link between the 33-mile-long I-275 Metro Trail to the south, and the 2-mile trail to the north.  Bicyclists and pedestrians now can safely travel 35 miles between northern Monroe County

Communications Accomplishments

  • Mayor Gatt truly believes Novi provides the most open and transparent government services of any other municipality in the State of Michigan, if not the Country.  For example:
    • Responding to requests received on  or
    • Our website is one of the most comprehensive city websites around. With more than 1.2 million page views a year, it’s equal to a “Novi encyclopedia.”
    • Hosting a Public Information Meeting
    • Utilizing an internet mapping portal which is used by visitors around the globe seeking to possibly locate in our Novi
    • Answering questions at a service counter at the Civic Center

Homeowner Association Accomplishments

  • In 2014, the City of Novi collaborated with more than 200 Homeowner Associations to ensure our neighborhoods maintain the quality Novi is known for, and to share our important communications with neighborhood residents  
  • In 2014, Novi initiated the Ambassador Academy where we invited residents to participate in a program to take a behind-the-scenes look at all City Departments, and to learn from department leaders about all aspects of Novi operations.   The free program received overwhelming praise by the 20 participants, who each were amazed how much they learned and excited to become more involved in city government.  Several participants now have applied for roles on our Boards and Commissions. 


  • Lower Novi tax rates, while maintaining the same level of city services
  • Completion of the Grand River and Novi Road Link road construction projects
  • 843 new private-sector jobs created in 2012, occupying more than 444,000 square feet of office/retail space
  • Supported the development of the Hyatt Place Hotel at the Suburban Collection Showplace. The new hotel positions the showplace to become THE convention center in the metro area. It will open in summer 2013, and will attract multiple conventions, expos and jobs to the Novi area
  • Supported the rebirth of the Michigan State Fair, which now has an annual home at Novi’s Suburban Collection Showplace on Labor Day weekend
  • Commercial Permit Valuation increased nearly $10 million over 2011, to just under $80 million
  • Residential permits have increased by 21% over 2011
  • Total building permit revenue has increased by 22% to more than $1.1 million
  • Total assets of $333 million plus, not only remain strong, but grew by another $1.9 million
  • Long-term debt continued to decline, reduced by another $7.9 million from 2011
  • Novi continued to reduce employee legacy costs in excess of $250,000
  • Burglary crimes decreased 5% over 2011, and the violent crime rate in Novi decreased by more than 20 percent
  • Efforts to reduce accidents at the 2011 “Top 5 Accident Intersections” resulted in a 6.1% reduction in 2012
  • A new Art & Sculpture garden and cultural education center is under construction, thanks to my friend and former Mayor David Landry.  The city recently purchased four acres on Napier Road, which will be developed into a cultural center.  Although early in the planning phase, this is certain to be a place sought out by art lovers throughout the area 
  • 92% of citizens rated Novi’s quality of life as “Excellent” or “Good”
  • Novi Fire Department completed 1,262 initial business fire inspections and 174 Child Car Safety Seat Inspections – ensuring businesses and children are SAFE
  • Novi entered into an Automatic Mutual Aid Agreement with the City of Wixom for confirmed structure fires in the west side of Novi and East Side of Wixom. This provides a seamless process when requesting mutual aid
  • Older Adult Survey (55 years and older) results:
    • In all six survey areas, residents rated Novi higher in 2012, compared to the last survey, conducted the survey in 2007
    • Categories with the highest rating increases: quality of community, community and belonging, availability of community information
  • Community Emergency Medical Services (CEMS) now has a new emergency medical services contract for potentially five years. CEMS will provide a 7-minute-and-30-second response time for 90% of the “Priority 1” calls for service in the City of Novi
  • Novi Fire Department reduced response times to “Priority 1” calls by 43 seconds
  • In 2012, the CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) graduated two more classes. We now have 242 community volunteers in total 
  • Thirty-five (35) students graduated from the Novi Police and Fire Youth Academy in July
  • The Michigan State Police completed their first year at the Novi Police Department to ensure increased visibility and safety.
  • The Novi Police Department maintained a clearance rate of almost 39 percent of all part “A” crimes.  That’s nearly double the State average.
  • The Novi Police Department generated nearly $250,000 in additional revenue in 2012 through rentals of the Fire Arms Training Center
  • Novi hosts India Day, the Festival of Chariots and the Japan Festival
  • Through a partnership with the Novi Community School District, more than 800 students attend the Japanese School of Detroit on Saturdays in Novi. This prestigious school, one of the largest of its kind in the country, provides students from grades 1--12 the opportunity to receive a Japanese education, including math, science and Japanese history, taught in the Japanese language 
  • Novi’s Public Library has partnered with the Novi Schools to create a TEEN SPACE, a place for students to gather after school and enjoy their friends, in the comfortable, enriching setting of the Library.  
  • Construction has begun at Pavillion Shores Park at the southeastern tip of Walled Lake.  Development of this 11-acre park will begin this year and provide visitors a setting on which to enjoy the banks of the beautiful Walled Lake
  • Relocation of our Older Adult Services and Transportation offerings to the Civic Center Campus in 2013.  Novi now provides additional resources for our ACTIVE boomer population, in conjunction with Parks and Recreation offerings.
  • The Novi Police Department entered into a partnership with the United States Secret Service to host the Southeast Michigan Financial Crimes Task Force. This partnership will enhance the services provided to our citizens by building a partnership with a Federal agency that commands several resources to assist in major criminal investigations.