Novi Mayor Bob Gatt seeks re-election in November

JANUARY 28, 2019: NOVI, MI – During a time in our history when political strife and conflict has become part of our daily lives, Our Mayor Bob Gatt of Novi is proud that he has stayed “above the fray” as he continues to focus on improving the quality-of-life for Novi residents.

“I truly dislike partisan politics,” Mayor Gatt said. “The difficult struggles – and anger – should not be part of what we’re trying to accomplish in the great City of Novi.” 

Gatt recently made these comments when he formally announced his intention to seek a fifth, 2-year term as Novi’s Mayor at the general election in November. The Novi mayoral seat is a non-partisan elected position.

“I respect philosophical disagreements and spirited debate on policy issues,” Mayor Gatt added. “But I remain laser-focused on making decisions that will make life easier for Novi residents – not for any specific political party.”

Gatt’s “above the fray” philosophy seems to connect with Novi voters. He has been Novi’s Mayor for the past seven years, a record number of service years as Novi’s top elected official. Novi voters clearly love the stability, integrity – and longevity – of Gatt’s commitment to public service. Just look at the election results:
  • Gatt won re-election in 2017 with 65% of the vote
  • Gatt won re-election in 2015 with 66% of the vote
  • Gatt won re-election in 2013 with 86% of the vote
  • Gatt first won election as Mayor in 2011 with 62% of the vote
“I’m very proud of my margins of victory,” said Mayor Gatt, who has been an institutional leader in the Novi Community for more than 42 years. “We are a divided country. We have a divided government in Lansing. But that’s never going to stop me from doing what’s best for Novi – and our great citizens.”

Gatt’s relentless focus on serving the best interests of Novi residents (above all other political interests) has elevated Novi to one of the premier designation cities in the state of Michigan – and across the country.

But don’t take our word for it. Just ask MONEY MAGAZINE, which last month named the City of Novi the No. 1 community in the State of Michigan on its “Best Places to Live” rankings. Novi finished 23th overall in the United States of America.

“The Detroit suburb of Novi boasted a minuscule unemployment rate last year of 1.8%, about seven percentage points lower than the Motor City itself,” Money Magazine wrote, as part of its “Best Places to Live” announcement. “With auto manufacturers among the suburb’s top employers, the competitive job market likely helps drive up pay. They have ample opportunity to spend it at several large shopping malls.

“Weather permitting, residents gather weekly for a group bike ride at a park that borders Walled Lake, a favored destination in its own right. The city’s top-ranked school district and high graduation rate make it an attractive place to raise a family. High school students can even gain experience in city government, which convenes a 21-member youth council tasked with making policy recommendations pertaining to kids and families.”

Gatt is humbled by Money Magazine’s exemplary assessment of Novi.

“I’ve always known that Novi is the greatest city in the state – and the greatest city in America,” the Mayor said. “Certainly, I’m bias because I love Novi. But it’s wonderful when other outside groups acknowledge Novi’s greatness.”

Gatt is proud and very optimistic about Novi’s future. And why shouldn’t he be? Under his leadership:
  • Crime is down
  • Tax rates are lower
  • Business development is booming
  • Residential growth is thriving
“I feel engaged, energetic, excited, optimistic and full of promise as I enter this year’s general election on November 5. I can’t wait to lead this great city and to serve Novi citizens for two more years.”

It isn’t surprising when Gatt publicly speaks to residents about “OUR NOVI.” After all, Gatt is “OUR MAYOR.”

“I truly believe that a special relationship exists between me and our Novi citizens,” Mayor Gatt said. “I appreciate the confidence and tremendous support that Novi residents have given me over the years. We all share a common interest: Our love and concern for this great City called Novi.”

Gatt is an expert in the law enforcement industry. He has an impeccable 40-year record of KEEPING CITIZENS SAFE. No other candidate offers this type of background and public-service experience. Public safety remains Gatt’s top priority on the City Council.

“Over the years, I have protected Novi residents and Novi families. I have lowered taxes. I have maintained city service levels – and added more public safety resources,” Mayor Gatt said. “Our City Council has been careful stewards of our finances,
while maintaining quality services and operations.”

Mayor Gatt was first elected Mayor in 2011, after eight years of distinguished service on the Novi City Council. This is his 16th year of service on the Novi City Council. Gatt’s full-time position is the Manager of the Oakland County Animal Control Division which oversees the Oakland Pet Adoption Center in Pontiac. Before this position, he was the Chief of Field Operations for Oakland County’s Community Corrections Program. He held that position since 2002 before his promotion to the Animal Control Division in 2012.

Before joining Oakland County in 2002, Mayor Gatt served a distinguished 27-year career in the Novi Police Department. He still is known by many residents as "Officer Bob."